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Looking for that different thing to do? This is the perfect choice to bring your friends or family together as you scramble to solve the puzzles and escape the room! Escape Game Erie is for anyone looking for a new adventure, things to do in Erie, PA or just tired of the same old Friday night.

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After experiencing one of our games, your group will get along better and work together better than ever. Escape Game Erie is a great way to cultivate teamwork and, heck, it's just a whole lot cooler than those trust and fall exercises. If your group is looking for the perfect corporate team building in Erie, PA, then look no further.

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Love putting your knowledge to the test to solve puzzles and challenges? Escape Game Erie brings code-cracking and adventure to real life with sophisticated puzzles and brain teasers for every level of player.

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The whole point of traveling is to experience something different that you could at home. Whether you're by yourself or with a group our Escape Game is a must stop attraction. The perfect choice of things to do in Erie, PA is Escape Game Erie!

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Axe Murder

Axe Murder Hollow

Dusk has quickly turned to pitch black on this stormy, moon-less night and you and your group of friends are driving, carelessly, down a desolate road in a remote area of Millcreek. When the car runs out of gas your only choice is to get out and walk and, now, you all realize EXACTLY where you are.

The legends of the farmer turned axe murderer are well known in these parts and there is a cabin ahead with a dim lantern glowing through the pitch black hollow. Your one hope is to get inside, locate the gas can and find a way out... but will the farmer who haunts these woods find you first?

7/10 Difficulty 2+ Players

Note: Buzzsaw difficulty is 9/10

Axe Murder Hollow Location: West-side at 4838 W. Ridge Rd.

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A battle, unbeknown to most, has ensued and the magical among us are fighting their own kind in a good vs. evil struggle. Within our midst, a powerful wizard and wandmaker, Oberon Alivan has gone missing and most believe he has succumbed to dark magic. He has lived three lifetimes and is the keeper of the most important artifact in magical history, the Shield de la Fleur.

The Shield will give limitless power and protection to anyone who possesses it and there is no way to know if it has fallen into the wrong hands. Your group MUST travel to his wand shop immediately and find any and every clue he may have left. Alivan is wise. He would not have gone down without a fight and he would have certainly provided a way to secure the Shield. The magical world is at war and evil must not win.

Can we count on your help?

5/10 Difficulty 2+ Players

The Sorcerer's Secret Location: Downtown at 23 W. 10th St.

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Prisoners Payback

Prisoner's Payback

The time has come...retribution happens now!

For far too long your best friend has been an inmate at the Erie State Penitentiary. His conviction has been upheld on appeal, and in visit after visit he has told you that it is the warden himself pushing to keep him inside and under his watch. He simply knows too much. It is obvious to those on the inside that the warden is dirty but there is nothing that a group of lowly inmates can do about it...until now. Your visitor group has scheduled what seems like a normal visit but a riot will be timed with your arrival and you will get help from "inside" to break your best friend out and uncover the evidence on the warden. Your man on the inside can give you the access you need but your job will not be easy.

You have only 60 minutes! Can you hack the most secure jail in the United States to gain entry and can you somehow ESCAPE with the warden's secrets in-hand?

6/10 Difficulty 4+ Players

Prisoner's Payback Location: Downtown at 23 W. 10th St.

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Your night out looking for a little fun with friends is about to turn in a way in which you DID NOT expect…

…it all began with an intriguing invitation to an exclusive event at Escape Game Erie, You and your group of friends couldn't resist the allure and accept, excited to experience a night of fun and mystery. Upon arrival you are greeted by the GameMaster and mastermind who has choreographed your entire evening. Unbeknownst to you, that choreography is about to go seriously awry and you ALL are about to be DECEIVED! Each puzzle solved may bring you closer to freedom, but someone is watching, ready to punish any mistakes - and you now realize this is not the first time they have done this…

Can you outsmart the mastermind of this game turned danger… or will you become the latest victims in this deadly obsession? You have only 60 minutes and the fate of your group lies in your hands.

5/10 Difficulty 2+ Players

Deceived Location: Downtown at 23 W. 10th St.

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Federal Treasure

Federal Treasure

It's 235 years removed from the Revolutionary War and the National Archives have announced a tour exhibiting the Declaration of Independence... it will be on traveling display to sites throughout the United States and the next stop on the tour is the historic Nicholson House. There have always been stories of hidden secrets within our nation's most important document and you have been hired by the Washington Society to access it and decipher the messages left within it. The messages have been there for hundreds of years and are said to be the key to finding our hidden national treasures.

Your team's man on the inside has left you the trail to get it and get it out and its up to you and your team to do it in time. The FBI has been tipped to the scheme and you have 55 minutes to decipher the code within and get out... can you do it and will you find the secret?

7/10 Difficulty 3+ Players

Federal Treasure Location: West-side at 4838 W. Ridge Rd.

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Dateline September, 1813: Lake Erie is Under Siege...
Your group of spies may be our only hope! The Flagship NIAGARA has lagged behind, unknowingly taken by the British, and YOU have been CAPTURED and placed in the Captain's Quarters. Commodore Perry is already in a rowboat from the Lawrence enroute to transfer ships, and if he does he will unknowingly be captured as well. You MUST get out to let Perry know what has happened so the Niagara can re-enter the battle. There is lore about Elliott leaving a CRYPTIC escape path from the captain's quarters but can you uncover it and escape to warn Perry...in time?

6/10 Difficulty 2+ Players

Escape the Niagara Location: West-side at 4838 W. Ridge Rd.

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Interactive Group Team Building and Problem Solving Experience

What is Escape Game Erie?

The Escape Room in Erie, PA is an interactive game designed as a corporate team building activity as well as pure entertainment for the general public. Makes a great choice for birthday parties too and just for things to do in Erie, PA!

For a short time, you will immerse yourself in a fictional scenario where the outcome is anything but certain. However, unlike being the passive observer at a movie or play, you are the center of attention. Will you find your inner hero and help lead your team through the locked door to safety? Or will you succumb to the pressure and leave yourself and company trapped behind that very door forever?

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